What are the Best Things to Post on Instagram?

A simple Guide for Instagram Business Pages

As you know, in the end, everything on Instagram evolves around the content you post.

You can attract followers with different methods that we already wrote about in this post “How to Grow your Instagram account”.

But if you don’t have a good content strategy, your followers won’t be interested to follow you back, keep following you, and also engage with your content.

So, what should you post on Instagram?

It will always depend on your niche and your audience.

But we will try to cover a few basic rules and also inspire you.

Since there is no unique and general recipe that works for everyone, the best thing to do is always start from yourself, your business plan and use this article to generate more ideas and create something that will work for you.

1. Post Good Quality Photos

The first and the most basic rule is to post pictures that have a good photo quality.

Don’t post blurry photos or low-resolution photos.

Followers on Instagram are choosing to follow or not follow your account within seconds and if the quality of your content is average or below average they will simply follow someone else.

This is one of our food accounts with stunning photos and colors.

post on instagram, What are the Best Things to Post on Instagram?

2. Make Your Own Photos

To make your page more original and get it to stand out in the crowd, spend time photographing or designing your own posts.

Be original and represent who you are and what your business is doing.

It’s definitely worth it.

3. Capture Moments Behind the Scene

One of the great business content strategies is to present your business in an honest way.

Make it personal.

One of the ways to do it is to post photos that show what is happening behind the scene, for example, the way your product is made.

Also, you can share the story behind you and your team.

Take a look at what Ikea does.

post on instagram, What are the Best Things to Post on Instagram?

4. Photos of Your Customers with Your Products

Are you selling physical products?

If yes then ask your customers to send you photographs of what they received or how they are using it.

Showing your satisfied customers is one way of showing that your business is more credible and new followers will spot that right away.

You can also involve a mix of influencers and customers to showcase your product.

You probably heard of Daniel Wellington watches one of the fastest companies in Europe and their main strategy was to get influencers and customers to take photos of their products and then present them on their Instagram page.

You can read about their marketing strategy here.

post on instagram, What are the Best Things to Post on Instagram?

5. Post Quotes

We are sure that your business has some base values in which you believe.

So don’t be shy, share your thoughts, suggestions, knowledge, and beliefs with your followers.

The business who has a story to tell is more likely to be understood.

And in the end, remember that you are not looking to promote your business to everybody but to targeted followers who believe in what you do and say.

6. Imagine Your Instagram Page as a Big Puzzle Story

There are two bases of this.

One is that your Instagram page should be a visually appealing puzzle.

post on instagram, What are the Best Things to Post on Instagram?

To do this you have to be able to plan your posts in a way that when you add them to your page they will look good together.

The best trick to achieve this is to play with color combinations or to pick one color theme as a concept of your page.

Fashion instagram accounts for salefitness instagram accounts for sale.

Another thing is to see Instagram as your platform for storytelling.

post on instagram, What are the Best Things to Post on Instagram?

And these are the most important questions that you should cover in your Instagram story:

1. Who are you?/How can you inspire others?

2.What is the base of your business?/What do you believe in?

3.Why they should buy your product?/What makes your product different?

4.What are your values?/What do you stand for?

Happy Instagramming!

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