Best Way To Use Instagram

For years TooFame has worked on developing and maintaining more than 1000 Instagram accounts.

best way to use instagram, Best Way To Use Instagram

We learned a lot in the process and we decided to pick the most important tips for you so you can get the most out of your Instagram page:

1. Make sure your profile picture has quality and represents your account in the best way possible.

2. The bio of your account needs to be short but memorable.

Let people know what they will find on your business page right away.

3. When your followers look at your Instagram page, they need to know what your page is about.

Your images or videos need to tell them right away what is your Instagram focus and what will they get if they start following you.

4. Make sure that what you are showcasing is something your targeted audience wants to see and engage with.

In case you still don’t have enough followers on your Instagram page, take a look at our article and learn how to gain more Instagram followers.

5. If you have a brand and you are also using other social media pages for promotion, try to keep the same name an all social media so they don’t get confused.

6. Hashtags are a great way to bring likes and new followers, but make sure you also add descriptions to your posts.

7. Emojis can make your posts look natural and friendly.

Include a few of them and use them as an addition to your words.

8. If possible post original photos or videos for your niche market and also follow current trends to recreate popular posts.

9. Post frequently but don’t exaggerate.

Posting 2-3 photos or videos a day will be enough.

10. Be consistent with posting.

To succeed on Instagram you need to be always present and active.

11. Find out where your audience is located and post at their peak time.

We already wrote about how you can increase your Instagram activity.

This article will answer all your questions when it comes to managing your Instagram activity in the right way.

12. Share your unique story and be recognizable to your audience.

You want to be remembered among many other Instagram pages.

13. A very good way to approach your Instagram page is to look at it visually as a whole.

Try not to focus only on one post but how will that particular photo be visually connected to the rest of your photos.

14. Always engage your audience.

In your post descriptions ask for their opinion or ask them to tag friends.

15. Create contests.

That is another great way of engaging your audience, but also attracting new followers.

16. Respond to comments you get on your posts so that your audience has a sense of your social media presence and commitment.

17. And finally, don’t forget to engage with other Instagram pages and to be an active part of the Instagram community.

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