Increase Your Instagram Activity

how to increase instagram engagement, Increase Your Instagram Activity

1. How Do I Get Instagram Likes?

Instagram isn’t like other social networks where the amount of posts you make is directly related to the amount of traffic you receive. You can technically increase your instagram activity.

On Instagram, quality is the most crucial factor in bringing attention to your account. increase your instagram activity

Instagram is an incredibly visual network and you should use that to your advantage in order to capture attention. A few well-thought-out posts a day would get you a lot farther than putting out as much content as possible.

Before you start learning how to increase your Instagram activity, our article about growing your Instagram account will come in handy.

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2. Where Do I Find Pictures to Post?

Finding high-quality material to post is a key to your success on Instagram.

Ideal contents to post on Instagram are videos and images that you’ve made by yourself.

Graphic design skills are infinitely valuable on your Instagram journey.

If you have a budget or skills, it’s worth investing more time in creating your own content.

You can recreate popular pictures with your own concepts added, or you can create original images for your niche.

It’s always a good idea to watermark or put your logo on the photos.

3. Should I Repost Pictures?

Reposting pictures is another way to get quality content on your page, and you already know that people will appreciate it.

When reposting, make sure you give credit to the original source in the description.

Not crediting the source can make your page look bad and may bring unwanted attention from the owner of the page or even Instagram.

4. How Many Posts Should I Do?

As mentioned earlier, always think quality over quantity on Instagram.

If you’re doing something like ten posts a day, it’s likely that you’ll clog your follower’s feed, which can cause you to lose followers.

Posting 3 – 4 related and engaging videos and images a day is a good way to run your account.

Depending on your niche, you may be able to get away with more posts.

However, it’s best to stay on the lower end and focus on quality.

Take for example accounts we sell here and analyze how we schedule our posts.

5. How Do I Know When to Post?

Your posting schedule depends on the location of your audience.

Try to find their peak time and post during that period.

You will see that your posts will get more engagement and your hashtags will be more efficient.

A quick Google search will help you narrow down the best times depending on which country you’re targeting.

You can use these websites to find where your audience is located –

6. Should I Use Hashtags?


Hashtags are completely essential to generating engagement on Instagram.

Hashtags will bring you followers and likes.

Because of how powerful Instagram hashtags are, it’s well worth it to spend time thoroughly researching which hashtags work best.

Look at the top accounts in your niche and take note of which hashtags they use and how they use them.

On our Instagram accounts, we use around 10 – 15 hashtags per post.

Any more than that and you lower your chance of being in the top posts for each hashtag.

You also want to keep your hashtag use standard for your niche.

Some people may be turned off if you use tons of hashtags but don’t write a full description.

Another important reason to analyze hashtags you use is to find the ones appropriate for the size of your account.

A lot of people make the mistake of using competitive tags with over 10 million posts right off the bat.

This will get you a few likes in the first couple minutes after posting, however, after that, your post will be quickly pushed down by the mass amount of other people posting with that hashtag.

Try looking for hashtags that have between 200k and 2 million posts.

Your posts will be visible for a longer time, and you’ll get more interaction throughout the day.

Experiment with the number of hashtag searches and see what works best for you.

7. Get an Account that Already Has High Engagement

You can also step into your Instagram business by buying an account that already has thousands of real followers,

For peace of mind, we always offer our clients account statistics and proof of ownership before payments are ever sent or requested.

This helps to reassure your confidence in our service and your satisfaction.

You can find more details of our accounts here.

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