Making Money on Instagram

how to make money on instagram, Making Money on Instagram

1. Making Money on Instagram - Selling Shoutouts & CPA

Selling shoutouts is an easy way to monetize the aged accounts that you’ve worked hard to build up.

Here are a few key things to keep in mind about using your account to sell shoutouts.

You should only start promoting that you sell shoutouts once you get to 10 – 20k followers.

The more followers you have, the more money you’ll be able to ask for each shoutout you do.

You can find big accounts for sale here.

Make sure you spread out your shoutouts so your account doesn’t become cluttered.

Filling your follower’s feed with shoutouts from other people can cause your engagement to drop and annoy your followers.

Your account should look professional as possible in order to entice people to order from you.

Most people are looking for posts with good engagement from your followers and a profile that looks well maintained and professional.

If every 5th photo on your account is advertising shoutouts, it might turn some people away from using your service.

If you do post pictures that advertise your shoutout service, delete them within a few hours.

Accounts with lots of shoutout pictures appear spammy and don’t look appealing to potential buyers.

Having a dedicated email that comes from your own domain will make your account look professional.

At the minimum, use a Gmail account when selling shoutouts.

You can also promote your services on Fiverr and various Internet Marketing forums.

A few things key things to know that potential buyers may ask you:

– When is your audience most active?
– How many likes/views do you get in the first hour?
– Do your posts get on the explore page?

The prices you’ll be able to charge will depend on the client and your account activity.

People that do their research will be willing to pay an amount the reflects the number of likes you get for each post.

If you want to learn more about how to increase your Instagram activity, we wrote about it here.

Other people will be quicker to buy and more impulsive.

To negotiate a price easier just make sure you know the strengths of your account such as how fast you get likes and positive attributes about your following, to make your job negotiating a price easier.

2. Making Money on Instagram by CPA Links

Making money on Instagram with CPA links is a pretty simple process.

You can only have one link on Instagram in your bio so it’s obvious where your CPA link goes.

In order for you to make money with CPA links, you need to have a large audience that routinely engages with your account.

You should probably wait until you have at least 10k followers.

It is best that you first grow your Instagram account and then add the CPA link in the bio.

You need to make sure that the niche of your page and the niche of your CPA offer are closely related.

People will be annoyed if they click on your bio link and get taken to something completely unrelated.

Also, tell people to check out your bio in the description section of each post you make.

Your descriptions will act as your call to action area.

Your bio should also have a few lines about the benefit of clicking on the link.

If you make your profile enticing enough, you should be able to easily convert CPA offers once you have a decently sized audience.

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